document scanning and archiving

Document Scanning and Archiving

MPS Company uses processes that recognize and classify documents in addition to capturing important data to finally turning a paper document into an electronic one.


We use all the latest technologies for document scanning and process services and provide the best image capture quality directly from documents. MPS Company is able to capture images in, black & white, grayscale, spot color, and full color in a combination with an intelligent blank page detection removal. As a result, this will allow your organization to feed a considerable number of document into a machine also store all the data electronically.

Data capture and processing

MPS Company can support you redesign documents to include barcodes in order to quickly read them accurately during the creation phase. Indeed, barcode recognition is considered to be an effective way to capture data printed on documents.

An alternative solution would be the use of optical Character recognition (OCR). This allows to convert characters in an image electronic data. Furthermore, it can extract an area of a text in a document through a simple word search or zonal recognition. It is demonstrated that OCR is an excellent cost effective solution if an organization process large number of documents whether they are physical or electronic in contrast manually capture documents which will take a longer time. MPS Company is able to offer bespoke solutions in order to meet your organization’s needs and requirements.