document security

Document Security

Security of documents must be a priority corporate practice in every company. Reports, business strategy documents, and customer data may fall into the wrong hands if corporate document security is not well implemented. A breach in document security might lead to financial losses, and legal issues, in addition to a major impact to the reputation and integrity of the organization.

MPS Company is UAE’s leading provider of print, documents, and process technology, in addition to outsourced services

MPS reputation as the leading provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on a unique approach to a Managed Services, pro-active monitoring our clients in order to maximize their fleet uptime.

As the technology is evolving and changing, it is easy to notice how many companies still do not focus on having a well-established control on document security, multi-function devices and their data. MPS has a range of bespoke solutions to provide more security to your Document environment.

Document and print environment play a key role in maintaining the organization’s data and information safe. However, IT teams usually consider this aspect as beyond their core responsibility. Most of organizations are not fully aware about printed, copied, faxed or scanned documents are saved in device hard drive, furthermore, they have no idea about what happens to that hard drive after it’s been replaced.

Regardless of the hard drive destruction, organizations can establish more processes to further enhance document security MPS Company can help you identify the right document management software which will provide you a variety of control option such as creating audit trails to track documents each time they are viewed, printed also edited. A second document security alternative is Secure Release which enforces only the printing of jobs when they are released by the staff, as a result confidential documents won’t stay uncollected on the printer.