logistics and shipping

Logistics and Shipping

UAE is known to be the main hub for logistics, shipping, and trading in the region. In fact, it bridges between Asia and Europe and Africa which makes its ports among the largest in the world. Several companies are therefore implemented in UAE in key free zones such as Jebel Ali and Khalifa industrial zone in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively.

The number of printed transactions, receipts, and bills are drastically large for companies operating in logistics, shipping, and trading. Among that significant number of printed output are duplicated or unused documents. An important amount of paper is wasted which constantly increase the cost of any company or organization operating within the sector.

MPS Company support Logistics, shipping, and trading companies by implementing smart document solutions to reduce cost, increase efficiency and motivate staff print what is required.

Thanks to our expertise, knowledge and experience in the field, we take the time to fully first understand your organization’s requirements and offer tailored solutions to enforce rules, enhance processes and workflows which will automatically reduce your costs. MPS Company thrives in providing the best print and document solutions thanks to our large portfolio and freedom to choose the manufacturer fit for your needs.

Our managed print services provide you visibility over print usage. By offering transparency on print costs and volumes, by user, group or department; we support you to develop best practice printing approaches and establish your own print policy.