document process and workflows

Document Process and Workflows

MPS Company offering is not limited only to providing high speed printing solutions with maximum prints. We push ourselves to help you adopt a combination of workflows and processes into your organization’s managed service in order to significantly improve efficiency and drastically cut costs.

MPS Company assesses important documents and processes in order to offer the best document solution that cancels or eliminate efficiencies, thus, ensures the maximization of your organization’s performance. This can be done from our side by basic enhancements such as automated document scanning and data capture, and enterprise workflows in order to manage processes like invoice approvals, payment and archiving.

There are several research which in fact showed that cost of printing is usually between 1% and 3% of the annual fees. This is actually a cost that several UAE companies do not pay much attention to but makes a significant saving if looked after. However, document management cost can significantly be greater at 5% to 15% throughout the entire lifecycle. Indeed, documents must be created, edited, stored, retrieved, distributed, and shared with the involvement of many users in an organization. This complicated paper path and reliance on it can lead to several inefficiencies with an excessive cost.

MPS Company carefully assesses and understands your workflows in order to identify areas of improvement with tangible financial and productivity benefits.