innovative technology

Innovative Technology

MPS is an independent provider of Managed Service Solutions, also offers options for the best hardware and software in the UAE. Even though we are not manufacturers, however we heavily invest in developing innovative services, solutions and products to our customers thanks to our managed print industry expertise and knowledge.

We keep developing new technologies that would help for the integration into our Managed Service solutions which will provide several advantages to clients. Below are some examples of recent innovations that give an indication of the type of creative approach we can initiate.

MPS Company is UAE’s leading provider of print, documents, and process technology, in addition to outsourced services

MPS reputation as the leading provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on a unique approach to a Managed Services, pro-active monitoring our clients in order to maximize their fleet uptime.

We offer the following technologies

  • Processes Automation: A bespoke technology to your workflows in order to automate document processes by just pressing a button. In fact, documents are scanned, distributed and finally archived simultaneously and automatically. Our technology is able to reduce cost and safe time for staff, reduce consumption of power and toner, in addition to duplicated tasks.
  • Mobile Printing: Staff and visitors using any communication device such as a smart phone is able to print directly on any printer or MFD.
  • Digitization of fax processes: This is related to the fax environment and the development of a new solution that allows you to digitize fax processes. In fact, users can digitally send or receive fax documents wherever needed just by using the existing internet connection and network.