Education system has been changing over the years and the way technology is used in the classroom is continuously evolving. Educators including teachers, principals, staff, and students need access to the latest technologies to provide the best environment for a teaching, working, and learning experience.

The education sector is governed by budgets which lead to delays on investing in new technologies. The high costs of a print learning environment is usually a strong contributing factor to existing budget constraints. This restricts significant decisions to be taken to optimize print hardware and software.

The Apogee Difference

MPS Company supports schools, colleges and universities streamline their educational printing services and reduce print costs for many years. Our experience in providing education institutions with managed services and document solutions gives us the knowledge, expertise, and skills needed to recommend and implement the right solution for your organization. We work with education institutions to provide the latest printing and document management experiences for students.

Total print transparency

Our managed print services provide you visibility over print usage. By offering transparency on print costs and volumes, by user, group or department; we support you to develop best practice printing approaches and establish your own print policy.

Secure document sharing

MPS innovative solutions shape the way documents are stored, shared and printed across educational facility. Documents can be digitized, stored and safely sent shared with whether a parent, student or member of staff.

Cost efficient hardware

Navigating the Local Authority Regulations that govern purchasing options can be long and discouraging. MPS Company understands the purchasing regulations and standards you need to respect and will offer you the latest information on technologies that best fit your environment and budget, therefore provide optimal educational printing services.