oil and gas

Oil and Gas

UAE is among the largest producers of oil & gas in the world. Even though there are plans and strategies implemented from UAE to be less dependent from oil & gas, however, It still contributes to more than 20% of UAE’s GDP.

Different document reports, manual guides and marketing literature are printed in the oil & gas sector which makes the demand for printing higher more and more. It is in fact noticed that costs are increasing in this Industry and organizations often neglect the fact that paper reduction can significantly decrease the cost of oil & gas organizations. Thanks to our expertise, MPS Company is able to offer tailored solutions combining software and hardware to not only enhance your workflow, but reduce significantly cost of printing thanks to our printing and document management solutions.

Our managed print services provide you visibility over print usage. By offering transparency on print costs and volumes, by user, group or department; we support you to develop best practice printing approaches and establish your own print policy.