Educational facilities should utilize print technologies

Educational facilities should utilize print technologies

Date Posted: 14 October 2018
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There are major benefits that need to be achieved by schools, colleges and universities by taking advantage from print technologies, regardless of the ambition, experience or budget. Students are always active, they might be moving from a classroom to classroom or changing the building. It is important for schools to consider the mobility of students, and the changing of their locations.

It is crucial therefore for schools to give access and freedom to students to be able to print documents wherever they are and through the use of mobile printing.

Furthermore, managed print services can reduce up to 40% number of prints. Several leading institutions understood that printing is a major cost, therefore have fully adopted managed print services as an approach to not only limit their print expenditure but increase efficiency for students and staff when required to print.

There is another major aspect related to print management in schools and security. By adopting print technologies, students and staff are given whether code, badges, or use their school ID card to access each printer. This allows highly sensitive document not fall in the wrong hand.

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